From the cost of gasoline to how much you get paid, economic forces shape every facet of your life, every day. With topics covering everything from unemployment to job scarcity, income to inflation, you’ll experience first-hand how market and banking structures, labor, taxes, and inflation directly impact your life. You’ll also learn valuable money management, investment, and critical thinking skills that will help you make better choices as a consumer. Prerequisite: Basic Math skills. This is a single semester course.

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Unit 1: Fundamental Economic Concepts and Reasoning

  • Scarcity and Choice
  • Opportunity Costs
  • Economic Systems
  • Market Economy
  • Public vs. Private Goods
  • History of Market Power in the United States

Unit 2: The American Market Economy

  • The American Market Economy
  • Adam Smith
  • Supply and Demand
  • The Role of Price
  • Price Controls
  • Financial Markets and Banks

Unit 3: Government Influence on the American Economy

  • Costs and Benefits
  • History of Government involvement
  • Environmental Protection
  • Federal Budget
  • Aggregate Demand and Supply
  • Fiscal Policy
  • Monetary Policy
  • Federal Reserve Banking System

Unit 4: Labor Markets

  • Work
  • Competition in the Labor Market
  • California's changing Labor Market
  • Poverty and income distribution
  • International issues and employment

Unit 5: Aggregate Economic Behavior

  • Measuring economic activity
  • Economic Goals
  • Business cycle and short-term fluctuations
  • Money and Currency
  • Interest rates

Unit 6: Global Economics

  • Globalization and Trade
  • Exports and Imports
  • Globalization and Foreign Policy
  • Critics of Globalization
  • Economic Development