Latin American Studies

This is a one-semester course that explores Latin American history and culture from the pre-colonial age to the contemporary era. In this course you will learn about Latin American culture through various lenses including a cultural, social and economic perspective. Learning about the various eras and regions of Latin America including the Caribbean, South America, and Mesoamerica, enables students to take on the role of a historian with a focus on perspectives, culture and history. Students will also be able to engage and reflect on various primary and secondary sources in our quest to broaden and enrich the Latin American understanding and experience. In addition, students will be able to compare and contrast various regions of Latin America in order to examine their similarities as well as their differences regarding culture, politics and revolution.  In order to synthesize this information, students will undertake various assignments and mini-projects to investigate their own understanding of global perspectives as the basis for deductive reasoning and analysis.


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Unit 1: What is Latin America?

  • Introduction to Latin America
  • Geography and Climate
  • Precolonial Latin America
  • Precolonial Caribbean and South America
  • Colonial Latin America
  • Postcolonial Latin America
  • Politics in Latin America
  • Economics in Latin America
  • Religion and Social Structure in Latin America
  • Gender Roles in Latin America
  • Conclusion to Postcolonial Latin America

Unit 2: Revolution and Independence

  • Introduction to Revolutions and Independence
  • Major Figures of Liberation Movements
  • Mexican American War
  • Thousand Days War - Colombia
  • Mexican Revolution
  • Cuban Revolution
  • The Rise of Populism
  • Patterns of Liberation
  • Conclusion to Revolutions and Independence

Unit 3: Latin America and the United States

  • Introduction to Latin America and the United States
  • Indigenous Peoples
  • Immigration
  • Democracy
  • Latin America - US Relations
  • Modern-Day Latin America
  • Puerto Rico
  • Conclusion to Latin America and the United States

Unit 4: Culture and Art Past and Present

  • Introduction to Culture and Art - Past and Present
  • Art and Culture
  • Culture and Diversity
  • Traditional Dance
  • Nationalism
  • Popular Culture
  • Traditional Food
  • Conclusion to Culture and Art - Past and Present

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